Sims – Burn It Down

Last night I went to a bar by myself to do some brainstorming concerning some work stuff and a lot of the Doomtree crew was there. Now, I’ve always been really interested in music promotion. There is this kind of puzzle about it now that music is distributed and absorbed by fans differently than it was even just a few years ago. And damnit, do I love puzzles. So I was sitting there stuck in my brainstorm when I realized it would be cool to hear an artist’s view on the music industry and promotion — someone who actually lives it. So I introduced myself to Sims, whose f*cking awesome song is featured above, and we chatted for about a half hour. Not only is he a great rapper, but he’s also a really smart, down-to-earth guy who had a lot of great insights into the independent music biz. He also eloquently waded through some of my, most likely, dumb questions. Anyways, make sure to check out his new album “Bad Time Zoo” which this song is featured on: illest of the ill!


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