Carlton Zeus – Don’t Worry

I’ve been listening to this dude for a few weeks and I’m really diggin’ what he’s doing. While this particular track is Peter Bjorn and John’s beat, I love Zeus’ rapping. His rhythm is seamless and his rhymes are dope. Definitely worth bumpin’.

Also, this is the song the beat is from. Pretty awesome song and video:


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3 Responses to Carlton Zeus – Don’t Worry

    • To be honest, I’m not actually seeing a whole lot of difference between the two tracks besides the rapping (use of the sample seems identical). I actually like Zeus’ flow a lot more. Wale seems a little more choppy here and the rhymes don’t seem quite as engaging.

  1. hiphoph3ad says:

    Dat boy goes off!!! ya’ll need 2 quit hatin’ This boi 4 real! im from Houston tx n aint nuttin like dis out here! Carlton Zeus dats wassup!

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