Zak! – Poppin Pills

(disclaimer: in no way do I condone pill popping) This song is a lot more soulful than other ones I’ve posted. As you can tell, the cadence is just a little bit slower but it really works here. I actually just went to a blues show tonight on a whim. It was at this little hole-in-the-wall bar and the band was older. This type of show really makes me remember why I love music. Having now worked in radio, music promotion, and just generally interested in the music industry for some time, I often get stuck in the idea that musicians must always be working to advance — I guess the best measurement of progress being popularity. I have it so ingrained that music is mostly a business when that isn’t true. I really end up forgetting that music for a lot of people is just a hobby and its sole purpose is to make the musician happy and listener feel good. That is a very shallow discussion of my feelings but I’ll spare you all from further tangent.

Alright, sorry about that little rant. That adjective “soulful” makes me think I guess. Enjoy this track — very soulful.


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2 Responses to Zak! – Poppin Pills

  1. Judy says:

    Actually not a rant at all but a very thoughtful observation. Makes me long for the day when everything wasn’t commercialized.

    • Yeah, it is a tough place to be in. Luckily it looks like the commercialization of music is slowly on its way out the door. There were even some big upsets by smaller artists at the Grammys this past weekend.

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