Doomtree – Drumsticks

I was out at a restaurant last night and saw this group hangin’ out. Now, I’ve overcome almost all of my fanboy tendencies, but Doomtree is one of the last groups where my fanboy qualities recur. I just get like super-pumped and nervous and I probably look at them too much. It totally sucks of me I realize but I think the remaining fanboy I have in me only happens when I meet or see someone that has gone beyond just impressing me and has instead affected me in some way. I don’t think it really has anything to do with popularity. Because if that were the case, I would just be in awe of myself all the time.

As for the song, it is probably my favorite Doomtree song. Their verses are all equally awesome. The beat is sooooo tight.


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The hottest guy whose name is Nate, got a useless degree in political science, who hasn't seen Avatar, and won't eat Church's Chicken
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2 Responses to Doomtree – Drumsticks

  1. Nick Bentley says:

    I like how they’re being all badass on bicycles. Funny ’cause bicycles aren’t badass.

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