F-F-F-riday Mash-Up: DJ Wick It – Drown Over Baghdad

Going for something a little more chill this Friday because I couldn’t wait to post it any other time. I just found this sweet, awesome, amazing, baller, ill mash-up of the Smashing Pumpkins “Drown” and Outkast’s “Bombs Over Baghdad” (a song which is also included now in the CHH playlist. So classic).  These are the two songs on their own:

1) Smashing Pumpkins is one of the first bands I ever fell in love with. So this is why I’m naturally drawn to this song 2) Outkast is such a ridiculously good rap duo. Bombs Over Baghdad is so ridiculously polished and on point. When combining the slow guitar and the fast rapping, it adds this dynamic that I don’t think I’ve ever heard before. Just pure genius.


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The hottest guy whose name is Nate, got a useless degree in political science, who hasn't seen Avatar, and won't eat Church's Chicken
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