DJ Format – Ill Culinary Behaviour ft. Abdominal

A day after Thanksgiving this song came on my mp3 player playlist and I just had to smack the ol’ forehead. This track would’ve been perfect to get y’all in the mood for a big meal. I LOVE the lyrics to this song. You have to know a little bit about making a hip hop song to understand some of the lingo but essentially Abdominal (the rapper) is helping DJ Format prepare a song for a dinner party. Make sure to listen closely to this one!

SURVEY: so CHH is coming along swimmingly. Yesterday, however, my dear brother said he misses my commentary on songs. I admit, I have been slacking off but I didn’t think it mattered too much to people. So the question now that I want everyone to answer: do you read the stuff I write or do you just listen to the song? Should I write more or less?


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The hottest guy whose name is Nate, got a useless degree in political science, who hasn't seen Avatar, and won't eat Church's Chicken
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4 Responses to DJ Format – Ill Culinary Behaviour ft. Abdominal

  1. DH says:

    I read the commentary. I appreciate the information about the artist/song/album that you give out.

    Of course some songs are just so classic that no introduction is needed.

    Keep the hits coming and I’ll keep listening.

  2. mike says:

    I always read the comment before listening to the song. You gotta read the directions so you don’t get hurt

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