Mega Ran – Splash Man

Big ups to Adam M. for sending me this one! I’ve never heard of Mega Ran but he put together a solid track on this one. I think I’m really starting to like the old-school video game samples as beats. Part of it might be nostalgia (now I just need a Road Rash or Sonic the Hedgehog sample in a song), but I think a lot of it might just be because those old 8-bit video game tunes are pretty naturally catchy on their own. I remember playing Tetris on my old Gameboy and holy crap, that song is so infectious (I suppose it could just be that within the course of a playing session, you would hear that song for like 3 hours straight.) Either way, Mega Ran is pretty creative with this one. I haven’t listened to the lyrics yet, but someone who has, comment on ’em, stat!


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2 Responses to Mega Ran – Splash Man

  1. jimmy pop ali says:

    if you listen to the lyrics its kind of a love song that ends tragically. well told story, i really like the chorus.

  2. bike mentley says:

    You’re not kidding about being catchy and nostalgic. Through my listen, it didn’t sound like it ended tragically. More of a love unrequited story. But I was also very distracted by the video game playing and may have missed the lyrics, haha

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