Interview with Factor!


Interview numero tres!  Canadian producer (makes the beats) Factor was awesome enough to answer some of my questions for our latest interview.  Make sure to check out his song I posted this past summer ( and listen to the CHH track of the day at the bottom!

For those who don’t know, who are you?

Factor G Saskatoon, SK. Canada (Side Road / Fake Four)
How’d you get the name Factor? I am surprised you spelled it right. It seems like it’s all the rage is to misspell rap names. You could’ve been Fakter.

Yeah ha ha… You know the whole Factor name doesn’t really have the greatest story … it was really just some young kid that needing a DJ name to start selling mixtapes around school…
When you’re not makin’ beats, what do you do with your free time?

When i am not making beats or touring… i am pretty much chilling at my house in Saskatoon… I take the dog for walks and bike rides… watch movies… try to get better at decision making and not getting side tracked… decent amount of celebrating when needed …. you know… regular shit.
I can’t make music or beats but whenever I hear a tight song that I think could be sampled, I wish I was able to suggest it to a producer. I feel like that is kind of a faux pas though. Do people ever say “I know this great sample, you should totally make a beat out of it”? On a scale of 1-10, how much does it piss you off?

ha ha yeah sometimes i do get that from people….but… they always mean well when they are doing it… so it is cool… but chances are i wont make the beat … or i will at least forget or something…. so i would say 6/10
It might be different in Canada, but it seems like sampling is a legal grey area. What are the rules to avoid copyright infringement? Have you ever gotten in hot water for any beats you’ve made?

Grey area 🙂 i have been working more with session players and live instruments lately… but still keeping a similar sound! Shout Out to Gregory Pepper and Enver Hampton!
One of my favorite tracks of yours is “Pray,” the lyrics of which are decidedly atheistic (written by Ceschi, right?). It got me thinking though, do you ever disapprove of or not agree with what a rapper raps about on one of your songs? Would you ever tell someone featured on one of your tracks that you wanted them to rework the lyrics?

Yeah Ceschi wrote that song… he is awesome! that is the 1st song we ever recorded together…   About censoring someone… i have only asked to edit one person’s lyrics on a song EVER…. It doesn’t happen often…on the other hand… sometimes songs just don’t work out for the certain project etc … i mean … that is fine… but… when you gotta ask someone to change there lyrics… damn … that shit is hard… a position i don’t wanna be in…
Who are some producers you admire that are currently in the game?

I have always liked Rza, Kanye, Shadow, Neptune’s stuff like that… but some other ill producers are Blue Sky Black Death and Zavala.
Projects coming up?

AWOL One and Factor  – The Landmark comes out feb. 2001 feat. Ahmad, Abstract Rude, Buck 65, Ceschi, Moka Only on Fake Four Inc… I am really hyped about this album… also a new Paranoid Castle album (w/ Kirby Dominant) and always workin on new Songs / Side Road Stuff.
Shout outs?

Catchy Hip Hop, Side Road Records, Fake Four, Saskatoon, Pirate, Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil Triscuits
[Thanks again to Factor for sitting down and answering these questions. Now go buy some of his albums! Here is the track of the day from Factor and AWOL One:]

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2 Responses to Interview with Factor!

  1. Jean Ralphio says:

    Love the interview! You asked a lot of good questions. Factor seems like a really laid, back, down to earth guy. Big fan of his music and the blog, keep it up!

  2. DH says:

    Great stuff here. I had no idea that he produced Prey (nor did i know that was one of your favorite songs). That project that he has going with AWOL One sounds slick, Ill have to pick that up come febuary.

    Great interview, keeping CHH fresh.

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