Hilltop Hoods – Hard Road

If there is one thing you should know, it is that Australians seem to be really good at making catchy hip hop. Hilltop Hoods especially. This is probably my second favorite song of theirs. Though it isn’t the Nosebleed Section (https://catchyhiphop.wordpress.com/2010/05/25/hilltop-hoods-the-nosebleed-section/), I would still count it as quintessential catchy.

Here’s the real video. I didn’t use this as the primary audio since the sound isn’t very good but if you are interested in seeing who is behind this awesome blossom hip hop, here they are:


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The hottest guy whose name is Nate, got a useless degree in political science, who hasn't seen Avatar, and won't eat Church's Chicken
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One Response to Hilltop Hoods – Hard Road

  1. rodney says:

    this is bar none, my favorite hilltop hoods songs. I might even go a step further and put up the Restrung version. I love it when hip hop or rock collide mix a symphony. All I really need to see now is POS sampling Guns n Roses November Rain

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