Blueprint – Dream Big

I think I’m starting to figure out what makes some hip hop sound grittier than other stuff and it has to do with the volume of the beat compared to the voice. If the beat is a lot quieter than the voice, there just seems to be something lacking for me at least. I could be wrong. Either way, I think that is the one shortfall of this particular track. Aside from that though, I’m really loving this one. Sweet rapping and sweet beat.


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One Response to Blueprint – Dream Big

  1. mike says:

    yeah, i here what you’re saying about the music and lyrics not being at normal volume levels. that said, I don’t find that problematic in this song. I love that he’s sampling The Who, but I think what takes something away for me is the slower rapping style. Also, I think he relies too much on the Who song. He should use it a bit more sparingly instead of it setting up the backbone for the entire song. Just my opinion though

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