Witness – Home Tonight and The Bulliez ft. Ezekiel38 – Real Good Feel

Twofer Friday! Figure I’d pack two in to hold everyone over for the weekend. This first track is by Witness, a real tight rapper who now resides in Minneapolis so you know I gotta give props. This song is super tight and that piano sample in the back is super head-boppable. Slick rhymes too. One particular line that got me was “I met a kid that said that I should date his sister / That shit would never happen / Republicans are bad kissers.” I don’t know what it is about that but it packs a punch. Check this dude out if you get the chance!

My dude Black Lung sent this over my way. He’s one-third of The Bulliez and they just dropped this video. I don’t know what the instrument is that is sampled in the beat but it adds this super laid-back feel to the song. It is also has this cerebral aura about it. I feel like this is a song I would listen to if I’m reflecting back on something. But really the title is what says it all, this track has a Real Good Feel.

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One Response to Witness – Home Tonight and The Bulliez ft. Ezekiel38 – Real Good Feel

  1. DH says:

    I really dig both of these. The first one will be added to my mixtape and the second one was cool to see Black Lung in it cause I met him.

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