Immortal Technique – Point Of No Return

Alright, I’m getting a little crazy on this post here because while in my personal life I can be argumentative and hold strong opinions, on CHH, I don’t like doing that. I mean, why would I? After all, it is just a music blog. But this divisive political song has been in my “best of hip hop” playlist forever and it just so happens that I’m ragin’ right now about some political going-ons in my home state of Wisconsin. So boom, perfect time to put the two together.

Immortal Technique has some solid lyrics with a solid beat, all intensified by the steaming anger in his voice. Right now, it is particularly motivating for me because in Wisconsin right now there is a Senate race between long-time senator Russ Feingold and challenger Ron Johnson. Russ Feingold is a rare specimen in politics today and really deserves to stick around. Just give this a look over:

Then look at this little ditty about his challenger:

Obviously these are just quick things I chose from the both of them and you should do your own exploring. But I can tell you this: any asshat who Opposes the Wisconsin Child Victims Act doesn’t deserve to be in the Senate. And if you are from another state, y’all have a stake in this particular election as well since Russ Feingold is one of the few politicians who doesn’t seem to vote solely along party lines. Johnson is expected to vote lock-step with the Republican agenda. This country could use a lot less “us vs. them” mentality and I think Russ Feingold does a good job at reducing it.

I threw down $10 out of my poor pocket, I hope some of you will consider making a donation big or small to save a Senator who isn’t a knob-copter:


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