The Streets – Turn The Page

Really mixing it up with this one: unique British underground. Big thanks to my buddy DH for this suggestion. I used to listen to a lot of The Streets (one dude) because it is oddly infectious. He pretty much talks all of his lyrics but somehow it still sounds good. My brother and I were talking about this over the weekend that in hip hop, there are really two beats within a song. The instrumentation and the rapping. Hip hop sounds good to me when syllables in the rap hit at the same time the beat does. Typically it is hard for me to get into stuff where those words and syllables don’t match up with the instrumentation (i.e. MF Doom). However, as my brother mentioned, sometimes the staggered words and beat will have something about them that makes it “listenable” and not a jumble. I can’t put my finger on what works and what doesn’t but The Streets is one of those rappers who I can listen to who doesn’t use a matched cadence.


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2 Responses to The Streets – Turn The Page

  1. DH says:

    Have you ever listened to the whole “A Grand Don’t Come For Free” Album? The story that the songs tell is awesome. Each song is another part of the story and the last track has too endings to the story, a happy one and a sad one.'t_Come_for_Free

    Check out the story section of the article.

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