Sage Francis – Lie Detector Test

So yesterday’s song was a miss I guess, my b. I’m trying my best and I hope we don’t need to see more of it (that means send me some more suggestions! If you have been, you rock. How much longer can I go before I run out?!)  I had to break out one from my “favorite rap” vault. A lot of people seemed to like the Sage song I posted a few weeks ago ( so I decided what better way to redeem myself. I love the bells in this. It is a lot like “The Best Of Times” in that it is a really laid-back beat yet it isn’t understated. If you read E-Dubble’s interview, we talked about “esoteric” hip hop. That genre of rap all sounds the same to me because the beats are all very understated making it all sound generic. This however has something that pops, but I really can’t tell you what it is. By the way, lyrics in this song are awesome.


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One Response to Sage Francis – Lie Detector Test

  1. DH says:

    Now thats what Im taling about. Good find and Ill see what I can do about the lack of suggestions.

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