E-Dubble – Class Clown (FF #15)

Thanks to Chris B. for this one. I had heard of E-Dubble before and his ambitious Freestyle Fridays where he puts out a new song every Friday. A lot of them are pop sample-based (like this one that samples Hanson). You’ll be seeing more of E-Dubble because dude has mastered the art of catchy. I cut the last part out of this song because it is him just talking (it wouldn’t work too well in the youtube playlist) but he talks about how a lot of rappers need to get off there high horses and step away from the “esoteric” rap. I think that is a valid point. RJD2 in a video I posted on CHH earlier says that sampling something poppy is “too easy” but while that may be, the easy stuff makes for one dance-able song. And that is also assuming that the artist samples the “easy” tune well which is a big if. It is really all about what the rapper/producer does with it. E-Dubble really killed this one.


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2 Responses to E-Dubble – Class Clown (FF #15)

  1. Tu mamá says:

    I like his sense of humor. Thumbs-up to anyone who can make art out of middle school!

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