Felt – Revisiting The Styleetron

Felt (Slug of Atmosphere and Murs of Living Legends collaboration) put out a record this past winter called Tribute to Rosie Perez which included this track. Felt was essentially born out of a competitive friendship between Slug and Murs who both shared loves of certain, now b-list, actresses. Each of their three albums has been dedicated to an actress they both admire but has fallen from the limelight (If you scroll down, you can read the back story here http://www.rhymesayers.com/felt).

I really enjoy this song because of the back and forth nature of it. I remember listening to the Beastie Boys when I was younger and thinking about how the three MC’s worked off each other’s rhymes. Most rappers, when working in collaboration with another will, at the start of their own verse, begin a fresh rhyme pattern. The Beastie Boys, and Felt in this song, instead sometimes bounce off each other’s rhymes and make it a true collaboration. I can really picture this played at a concert and watching the two rappers using each other energy for their verses and to get the crowd riled up. It is like a team mentality. I have no idea where I’m going with that. Anyways, Aesop Rock produced the whole album so you know it’s good.

Also, I f***ing love the line “Don’t reach for your wallet ‘cuz you might get shot / screamin’ justice and peace till the casket drops.” We should all scream for justice and peace till our caskets drop.


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