Macklemore – I Said Hey

This is a pretty laid back tune but has a lot of personality. It is very upbeat with that piano riff. I can see this being bumped at a party real loud. Maybe a sing-along type song too. I feel like when the beats have simple instrumentation (simple drum beat, a piano riff that is pretty bare-bones, a quiet, picked guitar riff) it is really conducive to a sing-along. I have no idea why I think that. Maybe I’m wrong.

I’ve never heard of Macklemore until recently but of the stuff I’ve heard, he really has a lot of catchy beats. It is weird because most artists that I listen to will only have one or two catchy songs. Anything more than two catchy songs I find pretty impressive and unusual. So digging for these types of songs is uber tedious. Musicians like Atmosphere and Classified make it easy because they have so many. Macklemore has about three right now that I’m enjoying, so he has passed that threshold. So, you will for sure be seeing more Macklemore in the future.


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One Response to Macklemore – I Said Hey

  1. Tu mamá says:

    I like the pace (I can actually understand the words) and the phrase “If I don’t speak me . . . “

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