Sage Francis – The Best Of Times

If you aren’t happy after listening to this song, you are a robot. If this doesn’t take you back into your own childhood memories, you might be Benjamin-Buttoning life.

This is a first for CHH as this song utilizes some spoken word. If that doesn’t hook you in, wait till about 2:50 in the song and things pick up and get more traditionally infectious (Side note: this blog has made me realize that there are very few synonyms for the word “catchy.” In the name of hip hop and its unique connection to words, I challenge ya’ll to help me think of some synonyms, real or even words that you made up that I can start using. Leave me some awesome suggestions so all the readers don’t get bored reading “catchy” in every post.)

Sage is one of my favorite lyricists and this song only showcases his talent. He is a regular on slam poetry circuits and if one of his songs is true (I’m forgetting which one it is now) I think he was a journalism major in college so his grasp on the English language is far from weak. What makes this song catchy (which I sometimes like to define as universally likable) is his use of an indie rock beat, the spoken word, his traditional rapping, and this upbeat tempo all wrapped into one song. There is something there for everyone.

What I also like about this song is the crescendo. I don’t want to get too artsy-fartsy here but it seems to kind of symbolize life. Things start out simple, innocent, quiet. As you grow up things become more complicated, there is this cacophony of voices in your mind from all the different things you’ve learned and the responsibilities you gain. And the lyrics follow this crescendo as he starts out as a child and the memories start piling on each other as he gets older and makes him who he is in the next stage of life.

Overall, the song is optimistic though, regardless of the mounting weight life has on all of us as we get older. Who doesn’t love a feel-good song? You can find this song on his newest album “Li(f)e”. This isn’t the last you’ll see of Sage on CHH.


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7 Responses to Sage Francis – The Best Of Times

  1. DH says:

    Excellent pick. Ive never heard of Sage before, or most of the others on this site for that matter, but damn that was a good one. Keep em coming.

  2. Carl Winslow says:

    I second DH. Only have heard Sage’s name before, never listened to his music, but I’ve had this song on repeat since yesterday. I don’t think you were being artsy-fartsy, i hear the cacophony of voices too

  3. Tu mamá says:

    I like the instrumentation as well as the self-deprecating persona. It’s refreshing to hear a hip-hop artist without the over-sized ego, braggadocio, and scatological language. (How’s that for artsy-fartsy?)

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