KingHellBastard (KHB) & Kristoff Krane Collaboration

I realize I just had a KHB song up but I had to put this one up. This past weekend I recruited Kristoff Krane, a rapper from St. Paul, MN, to come play in Milwaukee. Dude put on an awesome show along with Frankie Flowers (Milwaukee), I just wish more people had been there. Anyways, Kristoff came into town from MN a little early and for a few hours before the show, he and KHB put this track down.  The White Russian made the beat and they all wrote lyrics on the spot. Two buddies and I got to see some of the process and some of the recording. It was a totally new world for me and totally sick. All the dudes in this track are pros and to put something this catchy together in a few hours requires tons of experience.

I mean, I could be totally biased here since I was around to see the track get made so I have some connection to it, but I think this is totally worthy of the “catchy” title. Feedback?


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2 Responses to KingHellBastard (KHB) & Kristoff Krane Collaboration

  1. Tu mamá says:

    I like metaphor in the phrase “you can dance in the past ” as well as the assonance (“a” in “can,” “dance,” and “past”) and consonance (“n” in “can” and “dance”; “s” in “dance” and “past.”

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