Feature: Eyedea & Abilities – Spin Cycle vs. Smile

I want to try something new and get some audience participation on CHH. I’m going to post two songs and I want ya’ll to vote on which one gets into the CHH youtube playlist. You can vote for one, both, or neither. Just leave your vote in the comment section. If no one votes, I will just decide but that isn’t very fun.

I picked Eyedea & Abilities because I met DJ Abilities last night and while many people might not know who he is since he’s an underground hip hop artist, he’s one of my hip hop idols. I acted like a total idiot because I tend to do that when I meet people I really admire. Anyways, this song is pretty important to me because I’m non-religious but when I listen to Abilities scratching  (if you’re not familiar, it is the last part of this song; DJ’s will manipulate a record  to create what sounds like a scratch), I get the chills and it is very spiritual oddly enough. It is a pretty euphoric feeling which I’ve never felt before. Well, naturally, in my fanboy state, I told him that and I’m sure he was just like “who the fuck is this?” Either way though, if you’ve ever been in a car with me when this plays, you know that I can’t not turn the volume on max to listen to this part. Probably the only song I’ll let me eardrums explode to.

This one is slower and probably less traditionally catchy. For both these songs I suggest that if you don’t like them immediately, that you give them a few listens because they are extremely unique and progressive. This one is really philosophical and the lyrics and beat create a beautiful vibe that is honestly happy.

There you have it. Remember, you can vote for both, one, or neither. I hope I get some participation or at least some feedback on whether or not these are catchy. As some like to say hollaachaboi.


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7 Responses to Feature: Eyedea & Abilities – Spin Cycle vs. Smile

  1. Sean says:

    here’s one for Smile. it’s a real head bobber, and the sentiment sings to me. i hope to many more than myself. nice pick.

  2. mike says:

    the scratching is good on the first one, but alas, I don’t think I feel it the same way you do. My vote is for Smile as well

  3. DH says:

    My vote also goes to Smile. Its a real progressive beat, as you said, and is great for just sittin’ and listen’ to.

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