CHH: Where It’s At

So I’ve been doing this for a couple of months now and am really proud of how the blog is turning out. I mean, it really isn’t much except a song a day with little else. In fact, I really didn’t have any big ambitions (and really still don’t) except just getting all the really catchy hip hop songs I can find in one location.

I have to thank all you guys and girls who have been supporting me. Even getting one comment or song suggestion every once in awhile will make my day so I really appreciate it (and a huge thanks to and If you want to keep supporting it, you should find your favorite song from the blog and link it up in your twitter, facebook status, or own blog! That would be BALLER.

But if you don’t want to, that’s cool too. I don’t want to be an indie kid and assume my music is better than anyone else’s (I am guilty of it but I try really hard not to).

What I really hope this blog accomplishes though is getting new music heard. I worked as the hip hop director at St. Olaf College Radio and have been really interested in the music industry for a long time now. Many, including myself (though less qualified to say so), are predicting a major meltdown in the way music is made and distributed in this country. Thom Yorke, the lead singer of Radiohead recently said we were only months away from a complete collapse of the music industry as we know it ( .

I for one am completely excited for it. Much of my excitement derives from my disdain for mainstream music and radio. Essentially record labels find formulas of what sells and then invent bands that fit that formula. The music industry (I’m speaking mostly of the RIAA here) pretty much controls radio and the formulaic bands they just invented become popular. It is just a positive feedback loop and the very little drift in creativity and what’s popular happens slowly.

And a lot of people are completely content with what is on the radio because seeking out new music can be tedious. Where I diverge is that I think there is so much creativity and so much talent beneath the mainstream that deserves to be heard.

Essentially, why I am excited, is because what becomes popular in the future is going to become popular democratically. It will no longer be an enormous record label telling you what is good and what isn’t. And that is what I aiming to do with this blog: to give the people I feel who are really talented and creative, but unknown, an audience I feel they deserve.

But I could be completely wrong and could be sounding really pretentious. I might eat my words when the music industry fails and the stuff you hear on the radio now is still what is popular. I just can’t believe it with websites like Pandora and People seem to want variety and those sites give them a world of music they might never usually hear. I’m truly hoping that regular broadcast radio starts becoming more like Pandora and Instead of being a place where you can hear your favorite songs over and over again for a few months, it’ll be medium that exposes you to new music. And obviously radio should play what is popular, but I think the radio industry needs to think outside the rotation. I hope radio finds that mix of popularity and new, independent music.

Wow, long post and rambling. I hope I didn’t sound like I was up on my high horse. I prefer those dwarf horses anyways.

No matter what you’re opinion on the music industry is, if you have one even, I just hope this blog produces maximum dance-ability. Now go cut a little rug.


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