Baba Brinkman – Off That (Rationalist Anthem)

So I got to thank Jonas for this one. He suggested some other songs but I could only find this one but this one is damn catchy. Baba obviously owes a lot of that catchiness to Jay-Z since its his beat but I really like this version. We haven’t featured this genre of hip hop on CHH yet but there is a pretty new subgenre emerging called nerdcore rap. I’m pretty sure this would qualify but if not, listen to MC Frontalot because he seems to be the lead actor in that area. Either way, this song is tight. I think his flow needs a little bit of work but I also think that it might be intentional as nerdcore typically uses a little off-beat cadence.

What is refreshing about nerdcore or Baba more specifically here is that they talk about stuff you would never hear a typical rapper talking about. Rapping about rationalism is pretty impressive considering the depth of the philosophical topic. I consider myself a rationalist so the lyrics are pretty fun to listen to. But, if the lyrics aren’t your thing, you still have a bumpin’ beat. I wanna hear what you guys think though! Where’s everyone at?

Check out Jonas’ blog here for some cool stuff:


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3 Responses to Baba Brinkman – Off That (Rationalist Anthem)

  1. Nick Bentley says:

    Ha! This is the first science rap I’ve ever seen that wasn’t made by like Bill Nye the Science Guy.

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