DJ Danger Mouse – Change Clothes (Jay-Z + The Beatles)

DJ Danger Mouse did a whole album called the Grey Album which is arguably a break through on a couple of levels.  First, his claim to fame was definitely this album when it came out in 2004. Originally he made the mash-up of the Beatles White album with Jay-Z’s Black Album as a disc for his friends but it was eventually leaked on the internet. It became a huge hit in the underground and Rolling Stone even wrote about it. I would also say this is breakthrough because it seemed to popularize what we see a lot now: the mash-up. I feel like Girl Talk might owe some of his success to the Danger Mouse for pioneering the way with the Grey Album. I would definitely find this album if you haven’t heard it yet. I picked this track just because I thought it was fun, something that could be played at a party or something.  Definitely Catchy.


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