Dessa – Dutch

There aren’t very many women in hip hop which is a damn shame because if they were all as good as Dessa, I think underground hip hop would be way more mainstream. Her lyrics are totally cerebral (philosophy degree from U of Minnesota and I believe she has a Masters as well). Everything is very poetic. This beat has just got a hook about it that I can’t not bob my head to. And that voice! I have to imagine not many rappers are actually good singers (hence the abuse of auto-tune).  Rap doesn’t inherently require a good singing voice. But to be able to sing your rap, that is just incredible.

A side note, I actually got to meet Dessa. I don’t mean to brag (I kind of do) she’s pictured in the header of the blog. She is ridiculously awesome and nice.  I get really panicky when I meet people I admire but she handled my awkwardness like a champ. I literally regressed to my second grade self — 2 and 3 word sentences.  Anyways, I hope the world gets to see more of her as she puts out more albums, this most recent one got her a lot of buzz.


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One Response to Dessa – Dutch

  1. Fergeson "Ferg-wad" Darling says:

    dude, this is such a fucking sweet song. yet another hit i’ve never heard before

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