DJ Format – Vicious Battle Raps ft. Abdominal

I was torn between two posts to put up here.  I just thought this one has a really infectious beat (which includes the lyrics).  The rapping seems to just really work in cadence with the beat. You’ll be hearing the other pick another time but it’ll be worth the wait.

Also, sometimes I worry that I’m straying from “catchy.”  As you can tell, it is going to be very hard for me to keep up this pace since many hip hop artists stray from creating catchy hooks because they feel it is simple. So first, I ask that you comment on songs, whether you like em or dont (catchy or not, yada yada yada).  Second, as I will need to slow my pace a bit in the future, do ya’ll have any suggestions about stuff I could do each day pertaining to catchy hip hop (or hip hop in general) that won’t involve having to post a song?That way I don’t run out of songs but can still interest the readers. Anyways, post your suggestions if you got ’em!  For the time being, I’ll be stickin to the song-a-day format.


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The hottest guy whose name is Nate, got a useless degree in political science, who hasn't seen Avatar, and won't eat Church's Chicken
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One Response to DJ Format – Vicious Battle Raps ft. Abdominal

  1. mike says:

    how about you try to do some interviews with some rappers and post them, that could fill some space and would be interesting

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