Doomtree – Dots & Dashes

Dessa and P.O.S. from Doomtree on this track. If you are looking for an awesome workout song, this is the one. Its got an infectious beat that has this perfect kind of training tempo. And if you are looking for awesome lyrics, these two are your rappers. Both of them have INCREDIBLE rhymes that are consistently meaningful.


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3 Responses to Doomtree – Dots & Dashes

  1. Ben Wareham says:

    I knew i’d heard this break somewhere before but couldn’t put my finger on it. Behold, the most original and epic catchy hip hop song in hip hop history. Clocking in at 11:08 with what seems like an albums worth of catchy beats and lyricism that can’t be matched, Siah & Yeshua dapo.E.D.’s ‘A Day Like Any Other’ I sincerely hope you post this on the site proper, but take note of 5:05 of part deux and you might notice a familiar drum beat.



  2. damn, sweet find! how the hell did you pick that beat out of the song? needle in a haystack. This will def be posted. It is like the Odyssey of hip hop.

  3. Ben Wareham says:

    I’m serious, this is like the hip hop holy grail that not nearly enough people know about. Also, everyone jacks beats. you just gotta be listening for it.

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